I re-visited Kathmandu in the unusually cold winter (sub-zero temperature at nightime) in December last year. It was heartbreaking when I saw Snowy finally has walked deeper and deeper down the path as a street dog. She was like an innocent girl when I met her for the first time few months back, but this time she was skinny, dirty, unhealthy and had more scars on her face and body. The local restaurants and shops where she and her pack were getting food from were locked down, they therefore had lost some significant sources of food, and they couldn’t go to other shops as there are other dogs around.

What didn’t change was her friendly attitude and readiness for a pat. She still hung around in the old site of the restaurant and enjoyed sun bathing there. I found out that her pregnancy possibly the reason why she was so lethargic. There are far too many puppies on the street already and the pregnancy would not be doing good for Snowy’s health under that circumstances, I decided to take Snowy, her sister Rushi and mother Fuchi for sterilisation.

Unfortunately, the long hours of electricity outage everyday and the extremely cold weather, I only managed to get Snowy’s sterilisation done in Animal Medical Centre during my stay, if I had known Rushi actually was also pregnant. She was so skinny and didn’t show any sign of carrying puppies. I had no idea how this gentle girl made it, she wasn’t even strong enough to fight for food. Maybe she was stronger than I thought.

Snowy recovered well from the surgery and was getting her energy back. Dolma Sherpa, the girl from the local restaurant looked after Snowy and continued giving medications to her on the street after the surgery. At the end of the day, local people are the ones to make a real difference for street dogs as I always believe. Rushi’s puppies are gorgeous, but I feel sad when I think about their futures if they had. Snowy looked good in some photos Dolma sent to me in March this year, hopefully I can see them all sound and healthy in my next visit.