Snowy and Girly, the Geese

My lovely neighbour Stella and Merv had these two beautiful geese for about five years since they were goslings. Both of them were female, they called the white one Snowy, and the grey one Girly. Snowy and Girly were very contented with each other, never fought for food, and went everywhere together without a minute separated. They kept the geese inside a shed at night as three other geese they had before were taken by fox. Sadly, these lovely creatures were killed by an unsupervised dog from an irresponsible owner on the 4th of March this year. Stella and Merv were devastated and in grief. It’s like losing two family members to them. By coincident, I took photos of the geese for Stella and Merv the day before they were killed. A small thing I could do for them was to print a photo of the geese for them, hopefully it will give them a small comfort and as a linkage between them and the geese. RIP beautiful souls.




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