Pet Photography

We are more than pet photography

In Wild Connections, we offer pet photography service but we are a bit different from the set up of other pet photography business, that’s why we do not call ourselves ‘Wild Connections Photography’. We are bigger than that. Our photography is for animal welfare, and animals are always the centre of our works. It is a profit-for-animal venture, and it will always be.

You are helping animals in need

What you are paying for is not just to have beautiful photos of your pets, but also helping other animals in need. How awesome is that! 5% of the proceeds will be used directly for funding animal welfare projects. At the moment, the major project under Wild Connections is the ‘Home Street Home – Nepal Community Dogs Project’ which we started from 2015. You can find out more what we have done for our furry friends in Nepal here. Moreover, using our pet photography service will allow us continue our voluntary works for animal welfare for example taking photos of shelter animals for adoption purpose, taking photos of events related to animal welfare issue such as rally for banning greyhound racing and Rodeos Calf Roping, going out to rescue bats in troubles and so on.

Have your memory with your pets preserved

It is our goal to take stunning photos of your pets, to show their beauty and unique characters to people, and the paramount importance is to let you preserve the treasurable journey and memory you have with your pets for many years to come. We do not limit our photography to dogs and cats, we celebrate the diversity of all forms of life, so bring it on as we do like challenges as well.

Affordable service with no minimum order

We believe all pets deserve to have their images elegantly represented, and all pet owners shall be able to afford to do so. Therefore, Wild Connections is providing affordable pet photography service to all pet lovers without minimum order, and we will tailor-make the service as much as we can to fit the needs of the animals and the owners.

Special Offers

However we love our pets, the physical form of life is mortal. One day we will have to say goodbye to our beloved pets. In case your pet is in serious health conditions and you would like to have memory of him or her preserved through the format of photos before it is too late, contact us and we will respond to you in priority.

If you are working in animal welfare sector or involved in animal welfare in some ways, we would like to say thank you for your contribution to animal welfare by providing you special offers too when you use our pet photography service.

Check out the Pet Album on the right hand side, you will find the photos and stories of each of the pets I was privileged to take photos of.

Send us an email and we will get in touch with you for more details. Before then, be kind to all beings.

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