According to World Resources Institute, the estimated daily greenhouse gas emissions produced by the fires was greater than the average daily emissions by the whole US economy. You don’t need to be a scientist to realise how severe this forest fire is.

This fire outbreak is a replica of what are happening in our world. In this case, our human commercial activities (oil palm and pulpwood plantation) with ‘handy’ practices (slash and burn) in the context of lacking governmental reinforcement of laws, together with the extreme El Niño year, predisposed Indonesia to this massive disaster, which is pushing our planet to the tipping point of its climate system. Half a million of people both in the local areas and neighbouring countries are suffering from respiratory diseases due to the toxic smog released. Moreover, the destroy of the vast area of natural habitats for many species intensifies the human-wildlife conflict (escaped organutans attacked by villagers).

Ironically, this alleged ‘crime against humanity’  was not proportionally covered by the media. Not until a friend shared the news, I myself hadn’t realised the severity of the fires. When I asked my friends around they also didn’t get a clue about these fires which have been burning for months. Are we too occupied by our busy lifestyle? Or we have become too used to, if not apathetic, news about our climate already?

Please share with your networks about this hidden humanitarian crisis so as to send out the message that our environment, human race and other living beings are tightly connected for each other’s survival.

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