Dhare has been hanging around at a governmental department’s complex for 20 years as reported by the locals. I am still doubtful about that as it is very unusual for a street dog to live that long. The possible reasons to explain his longevity are that he spent most of his time inside the complex and so he was not exposed to accidents on the road, and the people inside the complex have been giving him food. But for sure he is an old fellow.

Dhare suffered from skin problem obviously and the locals told me he had lost a lot of weight and become lack of energy which I could tell as he was always sleeping. Later on, I also found that his hinge legs were very weak, possible arthritis, and he couldn’t see properly.

As compared to another street dog Fuchi, it was so easy to give medicines to Dhare as he is a ‘hungry man’. He would wake up from sleep once he realised that there was food for him and followed me straight. He would swallow everything I gave him including both food and the medicines hidden inside.

I believe the involvemnet of the locals is the most paramount important strategy to treat street dogs in the long run. Of couse not everyone would like to get involved, but I got a security guard with a kind heart there to help Dhare. I showed him what medicines to give Dhare and he continued the treatment for him after my departure.

Although it was easy to give Dhare medicines, we encountered a huge challenge to apply tick drops to him. Somehow, he was freaked out by being touched on the back, not even the few hairs left there. He even gave up his favourite chicken meats in front of him and ran away. We tried and tried, and he kept running further away. It was a hilarious scenario as few adults and two kids running away Dhare in busy Thamel. I got to say big thank you to the two kids who Dhare trusted more than us. The two kids used the chicken meats to keep Dhare stay and we finally got the job done.

I was happy to see that Dhare’s hairs grew back after almost two months’ medication. Unfortunately, his health conditions still fluctuated reportedly. A proper check up and designated treatment will be warranted. But who would care to look after an old street dog? Dhare’s story is just one of the many.