Why Wild Connections?

When I was contemplating the concept for this website, most people I consulted with preferred the concept ‘nature’. Of course, it makes a lot of sense as it tells people straight away what this website is about. But then why the concept of ‘wild’ has been chosen?

Amongst all those issues I am concerned about, wildlife conservation and animal welfare particularly stand out to me. Are those issues separated from others? Of course it is not. Loss of habitat, as a result of climate change or deforestation for example, is one of the most discernable threat wildlife is facing.

‘Wild’ does reflect what I care the most, and it is used in a broader sense as ‘in the wild’, therefore our nature.

As you could think of, ‘wild’ also has a totally different meaning describing something goes uncontrolled, extreme and lack of rules. Disclaimer here, this website is not encouraging you to do something ‘wild’.

What we actually would like to encourage you is to follow your dreams enthusiastically, get across boundaries (physically, mentally and socially), shake off any restraints imposed by the external and the inner, and go for another mile.

At the end, I hope this website can inspire people connecting to nature and their ‘wild’ voices inside.

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