What Wild Connections does?

Wild Connections is a melting pot of all those passions of mine. It is not a wildlife conservation project specific for a particular species, as I love them all. It is not solely a photography website, but images will be a significant means of communication. It is not a pure travelling blog neither because there are other issues I care about.

In Wild Connections, I will share issues about some dire situations of our environment, wildlife and other animals so as to raise the awareness in the general public.

As I love travelling and adventures, in Wild Connections, I will share the experience, information and photos of those amazing trips I have done, which are mainly outdoors activities including multi-day walking, camping, bike touring, etc.

Finally, I will share my passion of landscape and wildlife photography here. Hence, there will be lots of images for you to enjoy.

To sum up, Wild Connections is a platform to share all my passions with others for good reasons. It is an personal endeavor to respond to those alarming environmental and wildlife issues on our planet. It’s still in its infant stage. It is evolving.

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