My Story and Beliefs

My Story

I like story. Here is mine.

My name is Chuen Man. My Australian friends encouraged me using my own name rather than an adopted English name. I think they are right. By now, you would notice that I come from a non-English speaking cultural background.

I grew up in Hong Kong, a metropolitan city famous for its skyscrapers. Nevertheless, I fall in love with Australia’s wilderness since I have moved to Brisbane since 2008. The vastness of the landscape and abundance of wildlife in Australia have opened my eyes and cultivated my passion to do more for our environment, wildlife and animals.

I was a registered social worker in Hong Kong working with young people and their families in disadvantageous circumstances before moving to Australia. In 2008, I left behind all the stability I had and travelled across to Australia for doing the program Master of Counselling in University of Queensland. Why? ‘It is time to change’ was the answer I provided to those who asked me. After graduation, I worked with asylum seekers in Australian Red Cross between 2011 and 2015. I can’t be thankful enough to have the opportunity to work with one of the major humanitarian organizations in the world. However, in February 2015, along with the re-structure of the program I worked in, I listened to my inner voice and embarked another search for a new life path once again.

Everyone can do something for the environment and animals on an individual level. Reduce consumption, recycle, adopt a companion animal, support conservation projects, go vegetarian, you name it. But I want to do more than that. I was trained and have been working in social work and counselling fields since I graduated from university, it would not be an easy career change as you could imagine.

Nevertheless, I have taken significant steps to align my life with my passion for animals since 2014. You can find out more about my actions for animals in My Profile page. Before finishing my story, I would like to share some of my beliefs, which have guided me through to establish Wild Connections and my works.

My Beliefs

First of all, I truly believe that if there is a will, there are always ways to achieve your goals. Nevertheless, it doesn’t exempt you from the fear of exploring an unchartered land, particularly the fear of failure. But then what made me walk out of my comfort zone? I suppose the fear of regret (of not trying) is far more terrifying than fear of failure.

For our human relationship with the nature and animals, I believe that we shall share this planet, its resources, and space with all other living creatures peacefully, let them thrive along with our human developments rather than taking over brutally in some situations.

Finally, I believe that everyone can contribute to achieving a harmonious relationship between humans and the nature. Do something, no matter big or small.

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