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Summary of Actions for Animals since 2014:

  1. Volunteered at Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), 2014
  2. Creative Vollies (photographer), RSPCA QLD, since 2014
  3. ‘Journey Into Nature’ Art Exhibition, 2014
  4. Treated Street Dogs in Nepal after the April 25th earthquake in 2015
  5. Publication of ‘Take the Walk: Together with Nepal’ Photobook, 2015
  6. Volunteer Photographer, Willawong Shelter, Animal Welfare League Qld, since 2016
  7. Catch-Neuter-Return (CNR) Program for Community Dogs in Nepal, 2016- 2017
  8. Bat Rescuer and Carer, since 2017
  9. Other photography assignments for animal welfare issues

If you would like to know more about the details of the actions mentioned above, please feel free to continue reading.

Volunteered at Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), 2014

First time being so close to our giant creature elephants; walking, feeding and even bathing them. The calls from gibbons had never been that close as well. I also picked up some skills about photographing animals in captivity and made a photobook ‘We are Connected’ to represent our relationship with wildlife. A copy of the photobook was sent to WFFT and the feedback was encouraging.

As an initiative to extend my contribution to wildlife protection after the volunteering experience in Thailand, I made a presentation about the trip to my colleagues. I was contended that on one hand I could send out some messages such as ‘do not do elephant riding’ to people around me; on the other hand, I raised some funds for WFFT by using the photos I have taken. It was a tiny step of moving towards using photos to do good deeds for animals. Credits must be given to my awesome colleagues from the Red Cross who gave me enormous positive responses.

No doubt, this trip was a beginning for my paths towards working with animals.

Please check out the ‘Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand’ Collection in Gallery.


Creative Vollies (photographer), RSPCA QLD, since 2014

Started my volunteering with RSPCA Qld at Wacol Animal Care Campus as one of the Creative Vollies, photographing resident dogs for adoption purpose in 2014. My skills in pet photography and animal handling are constantly getting polished along training and practice. As I enjoyed so much the time I had with all those beautiful doggies, every time I came back from overseas, one of the first things I would do was to resume my duty with RSPCA QLD. I can’t be happier than following my passion, using my photography skills in helping out our voiceless friends.


‘Journey Into Nature’ Art Exhibition, 2014

Held my first photo exhibition, Journey Into Nature, with other artists in Milton, Queensland. It was such a precious experience. I was very happy with the presentation of my artworks. The proceeds collected from the sale of my artworks were donated to International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).


Treated Street Dogs in Nepal after the April 25th earthquake in 2015

While I was busy in organising and distributing relief items to people in remote villages affected by the April 25 earthquake in Nepal under the project I set up (, I had not forgotten our animals. The issue of street dogs in Kathmandu was very confronting to me as I saw the predicament of them every single day in my eyes. I couldn’t help but started treating as many of them as I could with guidance from veterinary professionals. Cases of severe mange, road accidents and other illnesses are common. I am deeply connected with street dogs in Nepal and determined to do more for them, which led to a successful collaboration with local organisations in 2016. Please find out more from below.

You can find out the stories of Fuchi, Dhare, Snowy and Kanchi, the first few dogs I was connected with in Nepal in 2015 from the Animal Blog.

‘Take the Walk: Together with Nepal’ Photobook Launch and Photo Exhibition, Oct 2015

After an extraordinary journey of three months as the founder of Shelters Up Nepal Project, supporting the earthquake survivors in Nepal, and treating street dogs in Kathmandu, I published my first photobook ‘Take the Walk: Together with Nepal’ in Hong Kong in October to raise funds for both rebuilding project and street dogs welfare in Nepal. At the same time, a photo exhibition was held in KUC Space featuring the animal welfare issues I came across in Nepal, and the resilience of Nepalese in facing the disaster. The photobook documented the city of Kathmandu before the deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake, the plight of street dogs and my journey involved in the relief work after the disaster. It is never too late to support our projects, you can still purchase a copy of the photobook to do so.

Volunteer Photographer, Willawong Shelter, Animal Welfare League Qld, since 2016

Before we have tougher laws to fix the sources of the problem, frontline animal welfare organisations are working hard to rescue and rehome unwanted animals on a daily basis. From 2016, I expanded using my photography skills to help out shelter animals with AWLQ in Brisbane. In that role, my subjects are mainly cats, which makes a good balance with my photographing work in RSPCA QLD. Although I have to admit I’m more a ‘doggie person’, I love all animals. The more I spend time with those beautiful cats and kittens, the more I fall in love with them.

Catch-Neuter-Return Program (CNR) for Community Dogs in Nepal, 2016- 2017

From November 2016 to the end of January 2017, I spent three months in Kathmandu, partnered with local organisations, recruited local and overseas volunteers, and carried out a very successful program for community dogs in a local area Chuchepati. In brief, we treated over 30 sick or injured dogs, desexed 66 dogs and run community educational programs for local children. The highlight of the project was a 5-day on the field Catch-Neuter-Return (CNR) program. In that five days alone, 51 dogs were desexed with highly positive responses and involvement from the local community. This project was no doubt a milestone of my works for animals. You can find out more details what we have achieved here, and please stay tuned for our next program in Nepal.

Bat Rescuer and Carer, 2017

I joined Brisbane Conservation and Rescue Queensland (BCRQ) and completed my vaccination for Australian Bat Lyssavirus (ABLV) in 2016. Due to my commitment for the community dog project in Nepal, I couldn’t start my bat rescue and care works till 2017. It’s a privilege to have this chance to understand and help out this amazing creature who is vital to our eco system but often misunderstood by the public. Credits must be given to those dedicated and experienced members of BCRQ who are willing to pass on their valuable knowledge and skills to new members.

Other photography assignments for animal welfare issue

Apart from photographing shelter animals for adoption purpose, I also helped animal organisations to take photos for their events, for instances, Rally for banning Greyhounds Racing, Re-think Rodeos campaign, a day with RSPCA QLD Ambulance, Big Adopt Out Day, and the recent Gold Coast Animal and Pet Expo. No matter what the circumstances is, it is always my pleasure to contribute to animal welfare by using my photography skills.

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